Webinar: How embracing technology can make money

How can business owners can change their spending on technology to improve their bottom line?

On June 20, ZDNet held a webinar addressing a number of key strategies around the theme of "spending money to make money", and what business owners can do to embrace technology within their organisations.

This session was led by Andrew Giffiths, Australia's top small business author and joined by guest presenter Tracy Angwin, author of The Payroll Revolution, and who was also nominated in BRW's Hot 100.

They covered seven key strategies designed to help businesses think a little differently about why they spend, where they spend, and when they spend their money, including:

  • Understanding the poverty mentality, and how it can impact businesses

  • The message that office and corporate images send

  • Investing in the right equipment for the right job

  • How a lack of organisation costs money

  • Backing up everything — always

  • Supporting staff with the right equipment

  • What other things businesses could do if they had the extra equipment to spend money to make money.