Webinar: Three critical success factors for enterprise mobility

Join host Rob O'Neill for a ZDNet webinar featuring an in-depth discussion on mobility systems and deployments.
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From virtual desktops to remote devices, enterprises deploying mobility solutions need a clear view of the benefits they are seeking and the direction they are heading in order to develop their own unique mobility road map.

During this ZDNet webinar held on September 18, host Rob O'Neill was joined by Doug Wilson, CIO of the New Zealand Automobile Association, and Lisa Hemsted, head of technology service at Sabre Pacific to discuss three major themes that every organisation needs to tackle to ensure a solid foundation for a successful mobile transformation.

The panel discussed why businesses need be thinking about enterprise mobility and what they stand to gain — from increased revenue to better client experiences, reduced costs to improved staff engagement, and how investment in mobility delivers return throughout multiple layers.

The second factor this webinar looked at was how the scale of change that mobility can deliver requires leadership to foster the development of a mobile culture.

Finally, the panel discussed the riskier side of enterprise mobility: Security. Traditional endpoint security is no longer adequate, and must be supplemented by safeguards such as mobile device management and two-factor authentication.

Watch the above video for insights on how enterprise mobility can make your business more competitive and successful.

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