Webinar: Unlocking the advantages of mobile business intelligence

Mobilising business intelligence is the next wave of deployment, and was explored in this ZDNet webinar hosted by Rob O'Neill.

Business intelligence (BI) is following an adoption path that will be familiar to IT veterans, moving from the exclusive domain of a small, skilled elite into the management suite, out into the broader business, and now, courtesy of mobile technologies, into the front line.

As well as an unfolding democratisation of access, business intelligence is now being shared anytime, anywhere.

Gartner analyst Daniel Yuen wrote last year that BI success is measured by user acceptance, pervasive availability, and how well it supports improved decision making. A broadened information base, he wrote, always generates more insight for better decisions.

"Mobile use may now be the most significant consumer technology when it comes to improving BI adoption," Yuen wrote. "Although mobility enables BI to attract users and reach new constituencies in an organisation, ease of use and an engaging experience are the critical success factors for determining implementation success."

ZDNet explored the challenges and benefits of mobile business intelligence in Asia-Pacific in a webinar that included Sydney Airport and Macquarie University, as well as an expert in deployment who shared insights and advice about unlocking the value and competitive advantage in corporate data through mobility.

While mobile BI adoption is spreading in the US, it is at an earlier stage in Asia-Pacific. There, those deploying mobile BI systems are still in the so-called "early majority". They are leaders whose users often have very specific needs for BI functionality, delivering dashboards and performance measures in relation to KPIs.

One user of a custom mobile BI solution is global port terminal operator DP World, which discovered real competitive advantage in the technology.

"The new technology is already making a big difference to our Australian operations by providing operational managers with real-time critical operational information at their fingertips, at any of our locations around Australia," said Ganesh Raj, DP World ANZ's former senior vice president and managing director.

Whether in the specific area of operations or in broader functions such as sales, mobile BI has the potential to change the game, boost performance and engagement, and drive value creation.

Joining us on Monday, September 29, for this webinar were:

  • Michael Brown, manager Demand Planning and Performance Improvement, Sydney Airport
  • Gary Lau, senior business analyst, Macquarie University
  • Rajie Naicker, delivery lead and program manager, Altis Consulting.