webOS devs: Microsoft offers free phones and training for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has focused on reaching out to developers for Windows Phone 7 and in their latest scheme they reached out to webOS developers as HP kills the hardware and offers an uncertain future.

Microsoft has done a fantastic job of getting developers on board the Windows Phone 7 platform and they were able to get the Windows Phone Marketplace built up in record time and are quickly approaching 30,000 apps. A significant influence in getting developers on board has been the infectious enthusiasm and actions by Brandon Watson who recently launched the WP7 Developer Challenge where he challenged Molly Wood and Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, to give WP7 a try with an offer of $1,000 for their favorite charity if they end up not liking the platform.

As a result of the shocking webOS news from HP Brandon again did the smart thing and offered any published webOS developer the opportunity for free phones, development tools, training, and more. I am not a developer myself, but from what I understand the tools for WP7 development are fairly straightforward and Microsoft is great at helping developers out.

Readers know I am a huge fan of the WP7 platform and find the Metro UI attractive and functional. I love the apps and games on Windows Phone and hopefully we see lots of developers taking advantage of this offer from Brandon.