Wego Concerts app connects you to like-minded music friends-and lovers

If you hate going to concerts on your own, want to make friends and date people with the same taste in music then Wego has the perfect social app for you.

If a band you like is coming to town but not many of your close friends share your taste for this band, you will probably go to see them on your own.

Wego concerts app connects you to like-minded music friends-and lovers
Laura Austin

Wego Concerts aims to change your live concert experience.

The app, looks through your iTunes, Spotify or Rdio library and your streaming listening palette.

It determines your tastes in music and it matches them with those of your Facebook friends. You flag bands you like and concerts you want to attend in the app.

The app uses your existing Facebook friends list to make the connection, and then extends your connections using the friends of friends connection.

Wego Concerts lets you know that an acquaintance of yours also likes the same band. The app enables you to connect with that person.

Your acquaintance connects with more people and you find that you are going to the show with new friends who all like the same band.

The app creators say that Wego empowers users to find compatible friends or dates through musical taste and live music schedules.

Currently available in selected US cities, the company has plans to roll out Wego to London and Sydney in the short term. Future plans are to roll out the app wherever there is a good music scene. Venues will be able to upload concert information to the app.

The app will be rolled out for Android in its next update scheduled for spring 2015. You do have to manually set your location in your profile to get local concert information as Wego does not yet use location services for its events feed.

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Location services could be very useful for travellers who find themselves in different cities and want to hook up with other travellers in the same location who want to go to the concert.

The founders say that the app is already in full swing in Los Angeles with San Francisco, Washington DC and Baltimore next.

Wego was created by Fitz Holladay who has a passion for live music. In New York he went out to shows several times a week.

He developed a circle of similarly minded people who exchanged info, and centred their social lives on their love of music.

He moved back to the DC area and had to start to build up his network again from scratch.

"It's easy to find a match with dating apps," Holladay notes, "but it's hard to make the step from online chat to the real world, to having a real-life experience together."

"It's easier to meet up at a concert you both were already planning on going to anyway," says Holladay. "It takes the pressure off, and makes it easy to move from the online experience into real life, and to begin to share something that really matters."

From die-hard devotees of a musical genre to more casual concert attendees, from friends to potential lovers, this app can connect you. Holladay envisions this dating-oriented side of the app as an antidote to the shallow and frustrating world of digital dating.

And as music both divides us and unites us in our passions - this might just give you the emotional connection if you want to find someone new.

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