Welcome new Rethinking Healthcare editor Stacy Lipson

Say hello to new Rethinking Healthcare contributor Stacy Lipson, who will join Janet Fang to cover the health and pharmaceutical industries.

Healthcare touches nearly everyone. That's why its future path is so critical.

From hospitals to managed care facilities, R&D to drugs, health is an increasingly complex and political topic -- with a lot of business at stake.

Simply, it's too big a job for one reporter to handle alone.

That's why we're happy to welcome Stacy Lipson, who will join Janet Fang on SmartPlanet's Rethinking Healthcare blog.

Stacy is a freelance journalist who specializes in health issues. Her work has appeared in Natural Health magazine, MSNBC's Body Odd, HealthDay.com, Sprig.com, MarieClaire.com and others, including our management-minded sister site, BNET.

On Rethinking Healthcare, Stacy will join Janet in covering the movers and shakers (and technology) of the rapidly-changing healthcare industry. Stay tuned for stories about improved imaging and diagnostic equipment, novel new drugs, improved outpatient techniques and -- underneath it all -- the business imperatives behind these moves.

(And if you've been reading us regularly, you'll know that she's already slipped a few stories into the stream.)

Please welcome her! --The Editors

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