Welcome to SmartPlanet's transportation blog: Transport Theory

Welcome to SmartPlanet's newest blog, Transport Theory. From hybrid cars to high-speed rail to boats, trains and airplanes, contributor Ami Cholia will bring us the latest news and help us understand how it impacts the world's mobility.

Welcome to SmartPlanet’s newest blog, Transport Theory!

It's no secret that dwindling supplies of oil and a global digital revolution have made the act of moving around vitally important. In the 21st century, workers are more mobile than ever, and the coming age of even denser cities promises that traveling to, from and within them matters to the economy more than ever before.

The problem: for the public, infrastructure is an expensive, long-term and (to be frank) not terribly sexy issue.

With Transport Theory, we want to change that. The blog focuses on various modes of transportation such as automobiles, rail, boats and airplanes as well as the systems, infrastructure and innovation that support them.

Our conductor for the ride: Ami Cholia.

Based in New York City, Ami Cholia is a freelance journalist who specializes in sustainable transportation.

You may have also seen her writing at AltTransport and Inhabitat. Previously, she was a writer for the Green and World sections of The Huffington Post.

She also spent three years in Mumbai, India as a senior features writer for local newspaper Sunday Mid Day, covering fashion, business and cinema.

On Transport Theory, she'll be covering hot topics such as the build-out of the world's high-speed rail network, plug-in electric car charging infrastructure, improving aging airports and more.

She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Please welcome her!

–The Editors

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