Welcome to the new ZDNet

We've redesigned the ZDNet site. Tell us what you think.


If you're reading this welcome to the new ZDNet design. We've overhauled everything from the primary pages to navigation to the mobile experience.

The aim with the redesign is to provide a responsive experience that allows you to get the news quickly while engaging with our authors and ever-growing roster of long-form features.

Among the first things you'll notice is a grid system that allows us to deliver a hierarchy of content that's responsive to whatever screen you're using.

We also took a look at the choices like fonts and typography for an easier reading experience. In addition, you'll find what we call seamless content, a stack of stories where you can go from one article to another with a simple scroll. This stack of articles and features is curated by our editorial team.

In addition, the new ZDNet keeps the same topic format, but improves the navigation and aggregates the most popular and useful areas in one view.

We are continuing to optimize the design across the site. We're also looking for feedback, which you can leave in the comments below or our comment box. Our plan is to collect data and iterate from there.

Thanks for using ZDNet.