We're starting to choke on spam

Too much unsolicited email...
Written by Robert Lemos, Contributor

Too much unsolicited email...

Almost one fifth of all email travelling across the internet last month was spam. Unsolicited email is continuing to inundate users' inboxes at a growing rate, offering everything from 'Consolidate your debts now' to 'Overnight growth: 3-4 inches guaranteed'. John Harrington, director of marketing for MessageLabs, which provided the findings, said: "In speaking with our customers six to eight months ago, the concerns were virus, virus, virus. Now, spam is priority number one." The company tracked some 63 million messages as part of its anti-spam service and found that 17 per cent of all messages were junk email. That adds up to more than 11 million of the messages counted. Robert Lemos writes for News.com
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