Western Digital's latest MyPassport portable drives offer USB 3.0, 2TB

WD says that the 2TB model is the first portable hard drive to offer that capacity.

Shortly after announcing its first Thunderbolt drive, Western Digital is also outing its latest set of USB 3.0 MyPassport portables.

Prices for the drives start at $129 with the 500GB version. 750GB ($149), 1TB ($179), and 1.5TB ($199) models are also available.

The news, however, is in the 2TB model, which, at $249, is the first portable drive to pass the 2TB milestone, according to Western Digital.

WD has also equipped the drives with their own automatic backup software, which is good for those not too good at scheduling and managing backups themselves.

As shown on the right, the drives come in five colors, though its notable that the 2TB model only comes in black, at least on Western Digital's website.

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