Western Digital's new WD Red drive is built just for network-attached storage

While network-attached storage devices work with most hard drives, Western Digital wants its new WD Red drive to be consumers' first choice.


Network-attached storage is getting a bit more attention as of late -- so much that hard drive manufacturers are creating drives especially for the technology. 

Western Digital's WD Red is one of the those drives. The 3.5-inch SATA drive is designed from the bottom up for NAS devices, which have unique demands not shared by the average hard drive set up. 

One of its more key features  is NASware, a vague bit of technology that supposed to make the job of the WD Red signifcant easier in things RAID environments. Same goes for 3D Active Balance Plus, which is meant to improve drive performance and reliability.

A lot of it, admittedly, seems dubious and not entirely necessery -- which probably means that the thing that consumers are really going to end up caring about is price: The 1TB version of the drive will run for $109, while the 2 TB and 2TB models will run for $139 and $189, respectively.