What can you buy with $100K? A Zafirro Iridium razor, of course.

The only razor you and your heirs will ever need, with solid sapphire blades and a handle made from iridium derived from meteorites.

Got a cool $100,000 kicking around and tired of buying yet another Porsche Cayenne Turbo S SUV for your summer retreat on the Caribbean island (that you own)? It's time you invest in your shave with the limited edition Zafirro Iridum razor.

For just $100K, you can have the luxury of brushing solid white sapphire blades against your face every morning. According to Zafirro, each blade is "less than 100 atoms across, or 5000 times thinner than a human hair," so when you nick your face (as you inevitably will) those cuts will be ultra-fine. Sapphire blades are hypoallergenic, not prone to oxidation or corrosion, will stay sharp for about a year, and are without a doubt more durable than the stainless steel blades mere mortals use. The price tag also includes a decade worth of servicing, cleaning and sharpening of the razor, though the cost of insuring the postal package for said service may be astronomical. I hope the blades don't get dull that quickly.

The handle of this ultra lux razor is literally from out of this world. It is made of iridium "derived almost exclusively from meteorites," according to the press release, which is of the same material as rocket engines because it can withstand extreme heat and is extremely corrosion-resistant. There are also a few pure platinum screws in the handle for good measure. So the message seems to be this razor is so rugged it could even outlive you, but is that really necessary?

Zafirro may have good intentions in creating a luxury consumer product so well made it can be the only razor you will ever need. It could very well become a family heirloom for some of the 99 uber rich who manage to score one of these razors. But even a life-time of disposable razors will not set you back anywhere close to this price, and wouldn't it make more sense for someone this wealthy to hire his own personal barber?

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