What could you do with a 64GB MicroSD card?

Kingmax's new 64 GB card is the most recent proof that sometimes storage technology progresses slightly faster than devices' ability to support it.

If one listened without a skeptical ear to cloud computing advocates, one may get the sense that traditional storage is already dead and buried. But its not, and Taiwanese memory manufacturer Kingmax aims to prove it.

The company announced this week the world's first 64GB MicroSD card. A Class 6 SD card, Kingmax's newest reveal promises read and write speeds of 48Mbps, ideal for transferring the large amount data stored on it.

Recall that Kingmax was also the first company to let loose upon the world the first 4GB MicroSD card in 2007, which should give you an indication of how quickly the technology has progressed over the past few years.

But as great as the idea of a 64GB MicroSD card is, that excitement is more than a bit tempered by the fact that the vast majority of current devices aren't able to support it. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise to note that Kingmax announced neither a release date nor price point for the cavernous little card. Either way it's a safe assumption that the card won't be cheap when it finally does arrive.