What's missing from STEM education

Worth quoting: STEM education needs another 'E' in the acronym -- entrepreneurship.

Worth quoting:

"I think there is something missing from our high school though post secondary STEM [science, technology, education, math] programs. Something that would better prepare our students for the competitive global economy. I think they also need to be equipped with the skills that can bring it all together for them–entrepreneurship. So lets reboot it, and for those of you who look for the next acronym, we can call it STEEM. STEEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Math. With innovative entrepreneurial curriculum in the mix, we can get to work on developing the best equipped generation to help lead the next phase of growth of our innovation economy."

- Dean DeBiase, chairman and CEO of entertainment.com, co-founder of boardroominnovation.com and Innovation Excellence, and a co-author of The Big Moo.

JM: Given the nature of our hypercompetitive global economy and the lack of incentive, opportunities and innovation in the moribund wage-and-salary system, it makes sense to introduce a more expansive Silicon Valley mindset early and often. And STEEM makes STEM a whole lot more interesting to more students.

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