What's wrong with the NBN

Last week, Twisted Wire asked politicians, industry insiders, and commentators to highlight the good points of the NBN. This week, they're back with a more pessimistic outlook.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has been responsible for a lot of debate, inside and outside of the industry. Do we need it? Is it too ambitious? Are we doing it the right way?

Last week on Twisted Wire, we asked five people to point out all the good things about the NBN. That was an easy job for Labor MP for Chifley Ed Husic, but slightly more challenging for Liberal MP for Bradfield Paul Fletcher.

The tables are turned this week, as Paul Fletcher can vent his many and varied objections. But Ed has some reservations, too. He spoke to Twisted Wire, aware that it might see him crossed off Senator Stephen Conroy's Christmas card list.

We also hear from CEO of the Internet Industry Association (IIA) Peter Lee, Paul Brooks from Layer 10 Advisory, and industry commentator Kevin Morgan.

The discussion ranges across technology, regulatory decisions, commercial impacts, and corporate behaviour. If the conversation seems a little too negative, listen back to last week's show for a more positive outlook.

Running time: 46 minutes, 16 seconds