What's your opinion of BYOD privacy?

Inquiring minds want to know what you think of BYOD privacy. Take part in an eight-question survey to express your opinions on the topic.

Today, I participated in a Twitter chat, #BYODChat, and realized that there's a huge gap between how companies view BYOD and how employees view it. It's odd that there's such a discrepancy between the two perspectives. I don't think it's odd that employees and employers differ on a particular topic, but the two seem almost at odds on this one. One aspect of BYOD tends to stand out: Privacy.

I'd like to gather your thoughts on BYOD privacy concerns and validate my assertion that privacy is a hot topic for employees.

I've created a short, eight-question survey that I'd like you to participate in. You can select from given responses or choose to add your own. I've provided the opportunity for you to express yourself on each question, if you wish to do so.

After I've gathered at least 500 responses, I'll post the results in the BYOD column. Watch Twitter for the announcement.

Take the survey here: BYOD and Your Privacy Survey.