When the cloud is not enough, Mercury Electra 960GB SSD will do

When you have a lot of stuff and need an SSD, this new drive is the one for you with almost a terrabyte of storage.

We hear a lot about the cloud but for some only the security of local storage will do. Some of these folks have a lot to store locally so the speedy solid-state disk (SSD) has been out of the question. The folks at OWC want to let those folks know that its new SSD is available in a capacity of a whoppying 960GB.

That's almost a terabyte of storage for the speedy Mercury Electra 3G SSD. This 2.5-inch drive will work with both Macs and PCs, and claims a fast 250 MB/second read/write time to meet bandwidth needs.

This SSD drive is not cheap at almost $1,300, but it's one of the biggest SSD drives available. It is available now from Other World Computing online at Macsales.


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