When will electric cars take off? When they're more convenient than gas-driven ones.

Electric car advocate Shai Agassi lectures the Aussies about his alternative transportation vision.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

Just stumbled across this video lecture out of Australia given by Shai Agassi, founder and CEO of Better Place. His talk was one of the 2009 Alfred Deakin Eco-Innovation Lectures, which focus on climate and innovation. I actually listened to a good chunk of this (if you want to skip all the intros and preambles, Agassi starts talking around the 7 minute mark). His speech is a great discussion of all the different problems that the Better Place team is working through to encourage adoption of electric vehicles, including how often you have "fill" your car, how long it takes (two hours to charge just ain't going to cut it) and why anything annoying just won't be seen as convenient. If you haven't pondered electric before and you've got a bit of time to kill this week.

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