​Which Lenovo PCs will get free Windows 10 upgrade tomorrow?

Lenovo has detailed how its laptop, tablet, and desktop customers can get their Windows 10 upgrade later this week.

Lenovo has revealed which laptops, tablets, and desktops will be able to install the free Windows 10 upgrade tomorrow.

The upgrade will be available to a long list of the company's devices, including its Yoga 3 Pro and Yoga 500 models, as long as they're running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1. The full list of eligible devices is here, including upgrade path links and details about which ThinkPad configurations cannot be upgraded.

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Windows users who have reserved their copy of Windows 10 early will get the OS as well as a number of Lenovo software additions that the company says will not be bloatware.

"We were pretty clear: the preload will consist of the operating system and whatever else Microsoft includes with it; some of our own software that helps the experience; and if there's some unique hardware -- like a 3D camera -- that isn't supported in the operating system, then we'll provide something that allows you to use the hardware," Peter Hortensius, Lenovo's CTO told ZDNet in a recent interview.

The company on Monday lifted the lid on the two apps that will come preloaded with Windows 10: version 3.0 of its Companion and Settings apps that notably overlap with built-in Windows 10 functions.

Settings is Lenovo's device control hub that centralises common hardware functions and carries the new 'Smart Settings' to automatically adapt settings to suit the user's behaviour, such as display orientation settings for a device when its in tablet mode, or say when the user is watching a movie or reading an ebook.

The Companion app offers Lenovo's knowledge base including "how-to articles, tips and tricks, and other news to keep users up to date on their PC", according to Lenovo. It's also the mechanism to deliver device updates and warranty information. Lenovo also provides curated daily news content from the web via the app.

One feature that won't be preloaded is Lenovo's Reachit companion to Microsoft's Cortana. Users should find that it's an opt-in system that, according to Lenovo, will help them search content across multiple devices and cloud storage systems. The app will be available in beta to Lenovo hardware owners this fall.

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