Who needs a portable DVD player when you have an iPad?

The iPad is a great productivity tool, and also the ultimate pacifier.

I am writing this post on my iPhone while on vacation. After not being able to find anything on television for the kids to watch, I remembered that I had ripped a copy of Ice Age 3 on my iPad for testing a while back. Thanks to the wonders of Apple's iPad case, the iPad is now serving as the ultimate portable DVD player, and I am able to write this while sitting on the couch.

The only drawback is that the audio is a bit low. I am not sure if it's the iPad's fault or if I ripped the movie with a low audio level. Regardless, the kids haven't complained so life is good.

A friend had suggested that I bring the iPad instead of a laptop so that I wouldn't be tempted to go into full work mode while away. I am glad I followed his advice since it's already proving more useful than I had anticipated.


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