Who needs Wi-Fi when the plug in the wall will do?

Move over Wi-Fi.  Here comes the HomePlug Power Alliance.

Move over Wi-Fi.  Here comes the HomePlug Power Alliance.  With new backers such as Intel, Cisco (via Linksys), and Motorola, the group which focuses on setting standards for delivering broadband connectivity via power lines (BPL) could be paving the way for your local electric utility to muscle out your cable or Digital Subscriber Line providers. If the technology works as advertised, it will most certain take the burden off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks to handle the wave of smart appliances that will be showing up in tomorrow's connected home.  It's no wonder the Baby Bell's are reserving 99 percent of their right of way for video services.  Once  the electric companies becomes our ISPs, internet service will be so commoditized that the no one will be able to make any money on it (actually, that's the way it should be, shouldn't it?).