Who should be liable for robot misbehavior?

Ryan Jenkins, assistant professor of Philosophy at California Polytechnic State University, discusses ethical dilemmas manufactures face when building robots; the autonomous Uber vehicle accident that killed a pedestrian in Arizona; and ethics in military robot applications.

Who should be liable for robot misbehavior?

Bad robot? Who gets the blame when a brain-controlled machine does wrong?


Robotics in business: Everything humans need to know

An executive guide to the technology and market drivers behind the $135 billion robotics market.

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Scientists worry about a future including brain-jacking - and who should be responsible if brain-machine interfaces go wrong.

Nvidia CEO: Give Uber a chance to explain driverless car incident

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has said Uber's driverless car incident highlights the need for simulation options, but asked that Uber be given the chance to explain and an opportunity to understand exactly what happened.

More proof the revolution in self-driving vehicles is happening far away from roads

A record year for a leading maker of vision-guided vehicles says a lot about the role of robotics in e-commerce and manufacturing.

Autonomous high flying drones learn to navigate by watching traffic below

GPS-dependent drone delivery is all but impossible in cities, but this solution could help open the skies for Amazon and others.

What is the Tesla Semi? Everything you need to know about Tesla's semi-autonomous electric truck

Tesla is known for its electric vehicles -- but now it's hoping to add trucks to its roster of roadsters. Here's everything we know so far.

Self-driving Uber kills Arizona woman, autonomous tests halted

An Uber car in autonomous mode struck an Arizona woman who walked in the street, Tempe PD said. Uber has responded with: "Our hearts go out to the victim's family."

Flying cars in our (near) future

Fast on the heels of the self-driving car, the self-piloting air taxi is on its way to market soon, says Bell Innovation director Scott Drennan.

Video of man getting beaned by robot demonstrates need for novel safety mechanisms

Airbags might provide crucial protection where humans and robots work side by side.

Robots are coming to work. Are they safe?

A new alliance between OSHA and a robotics industry trade group puts safety in the spotlight

"First-ever" use of a robot in a military breaching exercise

U.S. and allies are escalating the use of robots in training exercises, increasing speculation that unmanned platforms will see heavier use on tomorrow's battlefields.