Who was holding the gun?

180solutions announces another change in their business model... under pressure, it seems.

Last might I got an email from 180solutions announcing their latest move to go straight. From the press release.

BELLEVUE, Wash.- October 11, 2005-180solutions, Inc., a leading provider of Internet search marketing solutions, today announced it has ended its distribution partnership with Montreal, Canada-based Integrated Search Technologies (IST). In addition, the company will no longer allow third parties to distribute its software via ActiveX except when using a 180solutions-controlled ActiveX installer. This will allow the company to ensure that every step of the ActiveX installation experience is controlled by 180solutions rather than third parties.

This has to be a good move because IST is known as rather nasty adware/spyware and is often downloaded though security exploits.  Currently 4 of the top ten spyware threats at Sunbelt-Software are from IST.  This move follows several previous announcments from 180solutions of changes in their practices.

When I read Brian Krebs' blog today about the 180solutions news, I had one of those "Ah-ha' moments.

180Solutions's move comes after the Center for Democracy & Technology, a public interest group based in Washington, D.C., threatened to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over 180's business practices. Kudos to CDT (not to be confused with the infamous adware/spyware distributor bought up by 180 recently) for keeping the pressure on 180 to make changes it should have made years ago.

(Emphasis mine) Now we know who was holding the gun (PDF).  Folks, keep sending those spyware complaints to the CDT and the FTC. They are listening and taking action.