Why YouTube, MySpace are NOT worried

Is Facebook really the Anti-MySpace (TechCrunch)? Is Facebook really YouTube beware (Mashable)?

Is Facebook really the Anti-MySpace (TechCrunch)? Is Facebook really YouTube beware (Mashable)?

NO, but Facebook IS a new Google. How so? SPIN, big time!

From the New York Times, to the Wall Street Journal, to Fortune magazine AND to blogosphere heavyweights, Facebook has been spinning a whopping Facebook rules tale, that even Rafat Ali now acknowledges.

In dissing David Kirkpatrick at Fortune, Ali gives a plug for his own paidContent:

Facebook has added video, and says it will provide higher-quality video than YouTube (every second new video company’s pitch these days), but mostly for communicating among friends. Smart business moves, but not really earth shattering as the coverage would have you believe.

And for you, David, I would humbly suggest a daily diet of our feed. We feed the hungry, satiated and gullible, alike.

Douglas A. McIntyre, 24/7 Wall Street, sums things up in snack-sized fashion:

Facebook, the privately-held miniature version of News Corp's MySpace, has launched a video download and sharing application. That will make the site a miniature YouTube as well.

This gives Facebook the chance to be an also-ran in the video-sharing business the way it is in social networking. Neither model has found a way to make much money, so why not double-down on the lack of success.

Video on the internet has gotten out of hand. A few models, probably those that bring premium content to users for a very low price, may prosper, as will video advertising on large websites. The rest of the operations in the market won't be around for very long.


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