Wikipedia racks up 1 million articles

Collaborative online encyclopedia may have had a tough 2005, but it now has more than a million articles in English to share.
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

The English-language version of Wikipedia has racked up its millionth article.

Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit behind the online encyclopedia written by its readers, said late Wednesday that an article about the Jordanhill railway station in Scotland became its millionth one.

Wikipedia was created in January 2001. At present, it is growing by about 1,700 articles every day.

Last year, the popular site faced accusations that it couldn't adequately deal with inaccuracy. Wikipedia acknowledged Wednesday that it faced criticism in 2005 but pointed to a study published in Nature that found it was about as trustworthy as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Wikipedia users have been guessing when the one millionth article would be published. Meszaros Andras won the pool. In the same minute that the Jordanhill railway station article was published, three others were as well: an overview of the Tennessee Commissioner of Financial Institutions, a biography of baseball player Aaron Ledesma, and an examination of cellular architecture.

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