Will Apple really launch a wearable next month? Latest hints say yes

Apple has reportedly locked in September 9 to launch its new wearable device.

Apple will unveil a health-focused wearable on September 9 along with two new generation iPhones, according to Re/code.

If the publication is right, Apple is set to take the wraps off the wearable device almost exactly 10 months to the date since the first rumours of the iWatch's existence surfaced, setting off a worldwide hunt for evidence — Apple hires, patents, trademarks and anything else — that pointed to a curved glass device really being developed in Cupertino.

Re/code initially tipped October for the launch of the wearable device, but according to the publication, Apple has nudged its debut forward, meaning it's likely to be revealed alongside two new iPhones  on September 9 . Apple is believed to be producing a 5.5-inch display iPhone and a smaller 4.7-inch sibling at an event next month.

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The wearable device is thought to share the same synthetic sapphire screen that Apple is employing for its newer iPhones , giving them a harder surface that's more resilient to scratching and cracking.

Also, according to Re/code, Apple's new wearable will almost certainly make use of its new health and connected home platforms, respectively called HealthKit and HomeKit, which were unveiled in iOS 8.

The company has been talking up HealthKit with healthcare professionals and more recently with major US health insurers . Tech companies like Apple believe there is an emerging role for wearable devices in collecting data on individuals' health, and ultimately reshaping how insurance premiums are calculated.

There's also no confirmation from Re/code that the wearable device will be the long-awaited iWatch — since late last year, a number of reports have surfaced suggesting issues with the supply of components may be holding up production.

Yet to be revealed is the price Apple will put on the wearable device. However, if recent hires are anything to go by, it will be aiming for high-end tastes. Apple has hired numerous executives from the luxury goods sector over the past year thought to be for its wearable effort, including talent from watch brand, Tag Heuer , Burberry, and Yves Saint Laurent, suggesting the type of image its attempting to build for the wearable.

Apple's wearable will join an already hotly contested market of Android Wear based smartwatches made by Samsung, LG and a yet to be released Moto 360 from Motorola. But while Android Wear devices have beat Apple to the punch, none so far have managed to take the market by storm.

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