Will Google stop video piracy?

Google: Friend to video piracy?

I asked last Saturday YouTube riches: Social video production or social video pirating?: Do the YouTube riches stem from the facilitation of the theft of others’ videos? 

I have oft put forth that Google’s YouTube copyright owner be damned DMCA umbrella philosophy inspires a YouTuber “broadcast yourself” by uploading pirated videos owned by television networks mentality.

A group of major media companies have now accused Google of benefiting from the sale of pirated movies and providing business support to two Web sites suspected of offering access to illegal film downloads, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Do “major media companies” really believe Google is a video piracy culprit because it profits from text ads it sells to third-parties?

Wouldn’t “major media companies” chastising of Google’s role in video piracy be better targeted if it focused on Google’s $1.65 billion direct investment in video sharing (piracy?) property YouTube?


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