Will the Google Nexus Two be modeled after a Samsung Galaxy S?

There are rumors that a Google Nexus Two will be coming soon, but with the explosion of Android phones on all four carriers I am not sure there is a very big market for such a device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The Google Nexus One is the current official Android developer phone and even though it has been available since January 2010 it is still a fantastic choice for an Android phone. There are rumors that a Nexus Two will be coming later this year or early next year and according to Gizmodo it looks like a Samsung Galaxy S is the base design for the Android smartphone. I like the Galaxy S devices and they seem to be doing fairly well, but I am personally not a fan of the cheap, glossy, black plastics used on their models and doubt I would purchase a Nexus Two if this is indeed what it looks like.

Kevin over at GigaOM posted a good article on the Nexus Two and how it should be different than the Nexus One to succeed on its own. Google gave up selling the Nexus One through its site and the promise of launching on all four major US wireless carriers died at just two out of four when other Android devices hit the market. In today's world with a ton of Android models, major Droid branding at Verizon, and people's expectations of the $200 smartphone (even if it is a subsidized cost) I think a Nexus Two sold outside of the carrier stores is destined for the same limited reach. It may launch with the next version of Android so Android fans may be after it to get the latest software before other devices are upgraded.

Does a Samsung Galaxy S-type Google Nexus Two look good to you?

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