Will the 'hover bike' go mainstream?

Aerofex Corporation shows off its prototype 'hover bike'. Amazingly, controlled 100% by body intuition.

It seems like every time an exciting futuristic (in this case oddly retro-futuristic) new technology is announced, sci-fi lovers rejoice, then the military buys the rights, then we stop hearing about it.

Scoff all you want. Aerofex Corporation's 'hover bike' might not be stylish, but it is controlled by the pilot's "natural sense of balance".

This is exciting.

There is no flight control software required to drive it.

Here's hoping the Manhattan Beach, California-based company envisions these as urban, affordable, eco-friendly, traffic avoiding commuter bikes (in my dreams).

Aerofex recently released this video, appropriately set in the desert:

[via: GOOD Technology]

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