Will the phone call become obsolete?

A new report shows kids are texting more than talking.

Imagine a world where teenagers don't speak. Instead, they communicate with a flurry of their fingers moving around a keyboard on a smartphone. Admittedly it doesn't sound so bad. But it could be where we're heading.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project found kids are texting more and talking less than ever before. Teens are sending a median of 60 messages a day, 10 more than they were sending in 2009. The report found teen girls to be the "most enthusiastic texters" sending 100 texts a day. And, it found 31 percent of teens have never used a landline or live in home without one.

Amanda Lenhart, a Pew senior research specialist and the author of the report told San Francisco Gate: "Mobile devices increasingly dominate teens' communicative lives. Teens continue to privilege texting, while their use of e-mail, instant messaging and even voice calling has moved to the background."

This could change the way technology evolves for people to communicate with one another. Maybe some day cell phones won't even have talk capability.

Better brush up on your txt-speak now so u don't fall bhind :).

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Photo via flickr/Dan Zen

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