Will Vista fail antitrust compliance?

Justice Dept. and several states are concerned Vista will not comply with antitrust rules for Windows.

The Justice Dept. and several states are concerned that Microsoft's new Vista operating system will continue Redmond's anticompetitive use of the operating system, News.com reports.

The DOJ mentioned briefly in its last filing that it had received one complaint about a proposed interface for the operating system. Known as the "Welcome Center," it appears a few screens into a user's first boot-up of the operating system and presents setup options and commercial offers from Microsoft and other equipment manufacturers.

"There seems to be a general unease" about the operating system, said Steven Houck, a lead attorney for the California plaintiff group. He said he understood that the complaint's filer likely has its "bottom line" in mind but vowed that a full investigation of the complaint would take place "to make sure Microsoft is not using its monopoly desktop...to further entrench its monopoly."

Since the evaluation remains at an early stage, "we really don't have anything to say about it now," Microsoft's Rule said. "But we are confident the Vista we have planned is compliant."