Will we see Samsung webOS tablets and smartphones in the future?

Samsung makes beautiful hardware and webOS is a great OS. A partnership between these two could be a wonderful thing, don't you think?

Samsung is currently number 2 in the global smartphone vendor lineup, behind Apple and ahead of Nokia. They have their own OS, make Windows Phone 7 devices, and are tops in Android devices. We now hear rumors that they are considering HP's webOS and I have to say that would be a great choice.

I wouldn't mind if Samsung gave up Android to go with webOS instead since I think webOS is a better OS than Android and it would get Samsung away from all the Android lawsuits flying around. They may be a bit nervous about the future of Android with Google buying Motorola too. I would hate for Samsung to give up on WP7 because I really like that platform, but there's nothing to say Samsung wouldn't continue to support multiple platforms like they do now.

My biggest issue with webOS has always been the sub-par hardware and that would be cured immediately if Samsung was making webOS devices since they make some beautiful high-end hardware. Can you image Samsung webOS smartphones and tablets? I'm drooling just thinking about it.

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