Will WWDC bring an Apple TV SDK?

With a room full of devs, there's no better time.

There are a ton of rumors around what to expect out of WWDC. They include:

  • iOS 6
  • New iPhone
  • Siri SDK
  • New Maps
  • Mountain Lion

... just to name a few.

One thing that hasn't gotten much airtime, though, is the possibility of an Apple TV SDK. If Apple did indeed figure out what's been missing in television, why not offer it up to the devs as part of an SDK for Apple TV? After all, as a registered iOS Developer you can already put pre-release software on your Apple TV. In addition, the new interface is just begging to have some of your favorite iOS apps ready for the big screen.

This weekend I played some games on my Apple TV through the magic of AirPlay. They worked great, but were a bit slow to respond, not to mention that they didn't take up the full screen. It definitely would have been great to download the "Apple TV" version of Angry Birds, for example.

So, will we see it? There's a conference full of devs that could start releasing pre-release versions of their Apps on Apple TV before the end of the week even.

Stay tuned to the live blog to see what Apple's planning.


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