WiMax take-up takes off

Brief: WiMax use will increase by 1000 percent this year and will start to make its way onto portable devices from 2007, according to analysts

WiMax is already making its way from hype to money-spinner, analysts have found.

Infonetics Research predicts WiMax equipment sales will grow almost tenfold this year, generating $124.5m (£71.59m), compared to $16.4m in 2004.

Infonetics believes WiMax will start to make its way onto mobiles and other portable devices from around 2007, when the standards are signed off and hardware makers start to include WiMax capabilities on their devices.

Outdoor mesh network nodes are experiencing a similar surge in popularity. The analyst said $8.8m worth of mesh networking equipment was sold last year and estimates $110.4m will be sold during 2005.