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Lancashire lunacy: BBC Web site offers plots on the moon

If you're thinking of planning any exotic holidays in the future, you could do worse than entering BBC Lancashire's moon competition, featured on its Web site. If you can answer a simple question about the date of the last total solar eclipse, a one-acre plot of land on the moon could be yours.

There are six plots of land up for grabs. If you win, you will receive a pack containing all the necessary information on your lunar property. One of the sites, for example, is at Area F-4 / Quadrant Charlie, at latitude/longitude 20o (N) AND 32o (W) (wherever that may be).

Prizes are provided by the company behind the sale of moon registry rights, Moon Estates. Allegedly, the Germans are snapping up lunar property at a rapid rate, so get your property while you still can -- the competition closing date is 9 April.

If you don't fancy your luck, you can purchase lunar property instead from, or, bizarrely, from UK branches of W H Smith. You can also buy land on Mars or Venus, and will soon be able to snap up property on Io, one of Jupiter's moons. Old lunar landing sites, however, are not for sale, and you are still obliged to let NASA land on your plot whenever they need to.

To enter the BBC's competition, go to

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