Wind River launches IoT marketplace

Wind River is launching an app store for its VxWorks real-time operating system, which is used in Internet of things deployments.


Wind River on Tuesday outlined an app store for its VxWorks operating system in a move that may highlight a maturation of the Internet of things.

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VxWorks is a real-time operating system that's embedded into multiple devices and industries. The OS has morphed into a connection point for Internet of things deployments.

What makes Wind River's move notable is that it is attempting to bring partners in and provide an IoT ecosystem for future applications. If you zoom out Wind River is emulating the Apple and Google playbooks for mobile platforms. Cloud players like Amazon Web Services, Google, Salesforce and Microsoft have launched similar marketplace strategies for services.

Wind River said its marketplace will have applications tested and validated to interoperate with VxWorks. Customers will be able to try before they buy, evaluate applications and buy support.

If successful, Wind River could help deploy more embedded technologies. Marketplace partners include Datalight, DiSTI, QA Systems, SQLite and others.

Wind River, a unit of Intel, also will be embedded in the chip giant's processors.