Windows 2000 RC3 in final phase

Windows 2000 nears completion... no really.

The next few days are a critical period for Microsoft as it puts the finishing touches to its long awaited Windows 2000 operating system.

Combing through the code in RC3 (Release Candidate 3) before shipment to tier one beta testers, Microsoft has given itself two weeks to plug flaws and eradicate major bugs before it produces what it terms an "Escrow Build" and RC3 is released.

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that over 100 customers had already deployed Windows 2000 professional, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows 2000 Advanced Server on systems. Guinea pigs thus far include the likes of Siemens, Banyan and Centrebeam.

A recent report conducted by industry analyst Gartner Group focused on migration costs associated with moving to Windows 2000. The report claimed adopters would fail to recognise true returns on investment. Microsoft understandably rejected the findings, claiming any worthwhile research would have to be based upon real-world deployment of the operating system.

So what's the roadmap?

  • 10/10/99 -- Deadline for acceptance of Windows 2000 alteration suggestions.

  • 11/10/99 -- Bugs are prioritised

  • 12/10/99 -- Escrow Build finished

  • 25/10/99 -- Last chance for Microsoft to look at RC3. Dotting Is and crossing Ts

  • 26/10/99 -- RC3 is released and sent for final external Beta testing

  • 17/11/99 -- Microsoft shows off Windows 2000 at COMDEX

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