Windows 8 looking to replace toolbars with Ribbons

A new screenshot has emerged of Windows 8 donning the Ribbon menu bar in a prime feature of the operating system. Is it here to stay?

Microsoft is experimenting with a new user interface for its upcoming next-generation operating system, Windows 8, which would in part replace toolbars and the traditional 'File, Edit, View' bar with a Ribbon.

This may not seem as much of a surprise, as many applications in incumbent Windows 7, including Wordpad and Paint, along with trendsetting Office 2007 and 2010 applications, already include the Ribbon.


The Ribbon was designed at first not only to accommodate a vast number of menu options into a more fluid and dynamic menu bar, but also to take into account users of touch machines like tablet PCs.

The ability to turn off the Ribbon already exists in the build being worked on, but it is unclear whether this gives temporary reprieve to pre-release users, or whether it will make the final curtain call.

While it is entirely far-fetched to suggest for a second that Windows 8 will replace the keyboard altogether, the move to a Ribbon could signal the introduction of Windows 8 slate PCs that Microsoft keeps going on about.