Windows 8: 'Refresh' and 'Reset' your PC

Windows 8 simplified refreshing and resetting your PC.

While digging around in Windows 8 I came across two feature in Control Panel that I just had to click on to see what they did - an option to 'refresh' my system and another one that allowed me to 'reset' it.

The differences are pretty self-explanatory, but here's a quick run-down just in case you're confused:

  • Refresh Gives the OS a refresh but leaves all your files and settings untouched. Apps downloaded from the Windows Store will be kept but other applications will be lost.
  • Reset Everything - apps, applications, files, settings - are junked and the system is back to a fresh install.

Each involved just a few clicks, and NO Windows installation disk is required. Both processes seem to take a few minutes (between 5 and 10 minutes ... I wasn't timing it, there's no point with such an early build) and a few reboots.



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