Windows 8 touch-friendly Firefox beta ready for testing

Long-awaited beta of browser for Windows 8 features a tiled start screen and pinch to zoom support.

A beta version of the Firefox browser optimised for Windows 8 touchscreens is now ready for testing.

Firefox maker Mozilla released the touch-friendly, tile-based Firefox designed for Microsoft's Windows 8 new user interface on Thursday.

Mozilla has been working on the touch-friendly browser for some time — it first started talking about it way back in October 2012. It's not yet clear when the beta will turn into a stable, general release.

Firefox for Windows 8 Touch screenshot
Firefox for Windows 8 Touch. Image: Mozilla

It features a tile-based Firefox start screen with one-tap access to top sites, bookmarks or history. The beta also supports 'pinch to zoom' and swipe.

Other features include the option to view an app full-screen, 'snapped' to a narrow region of the screen (such as the left of the screen like a sidebar), or to have it 'fill' the screen area not already occupied by an app in 'snapped' state.

It also features Windows Share integration so a web page or a piece of content can be shared to social networks.

Testers should make sure that Firefox Beta is set as their Windows 8 default browser, Mozilla said.

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