Windows Live, Hotmail services disrupted in UK

Microsoft's consumer-focused online services, including Hotmail, SkyDrive, and, appear down in the UK for some users.

Windows Live services, including, Hotmail, and SkyDrive, appear to be down for some users in the UK and Ireland.

Some users in the UK are affected, while others are not. Website uptime checkers show that Microsoft's range of consumer online services are not working at the time of writing.

Users on Twitter are confirming the outage, which appeared to happen overnight. Some lucky users are having no problems whatsoever. In cases like this, where issues affect only certain people, it could be relating to DNS issues.

Accessing directly shows a login page one would expect from the service, but others are reporting web page timeouts or errors.

A few users are tweeting that the desktop-running Windows Live Messenger, the instant messenger client, is not working.

A Microsoft spokesperson did not respond to questions at the time of writing.