Windows Phone 7 voice commands and the Indian accent

A quick demo of Windows Phone 7's voice integration (TellMe) works with the Indian accent.

When the iPhone 4S came out, the folks at NDTV had done an interesting video showing Siri with the Indian accent. It worked surprisingly well. Microsoft's chief research guy, Craig Mundie is making headlines for claiming a "been there, done that" while talking about Siri. Tech bloggers have their knives out on this one. Craig Mundie isn't entirely wrong nor is he completely right. Given his position in Microsoft and as a representative, I wouldn't expect any other response from him. Given the debate around whether Microsoft's TellMe integration is like Siri and Aayush Arya at The Next Web reminding me of NDTV's Siri demo, I decided to try out Windows Phone 7 and TellMe and here are the surprisingly successful and spot on results:

There is one thing I'll point out, since TellMe relies heavily on Bing's search results, Microsoft's not-as-efficient indexing of India won't have as amazing results at home. And here's Siri working with the Indian accent:

Microsoft India launched Windows Phone 7 Mango devices in October along with a campaign called I Love You Guys.