Windows Phone 7 Wednesday; What's at the movies?

This week's Windows Phone 7 Wednesday takes a look at how you can find movies at your local theater since everyone is in the mood to give out awards this month.

Last week there were 6,884 apps in the Marketplace, based up on the count on the Marketplace Browser website, and this week we are up to 7,314. This growth of 430 apps fits right in with the trend of just over 400 apps per week that we have seen over the past month. Again we have another week with just a single Xbox LIVE game appearing and I guess we were spoiled with two a week for a while there. The new game is called I Dig It that is available for $2.99. I tried it out for a few minutes, but it is not my kind of game so I took off the trial already.

I just purchased a Dell Venue Pro, but am on the road for business so I won't be able to test it out for a couple more days. Did you also see that fellow ZDNet blogger, James Kendrick, is testing out a Samsung Focus as he gets his first taste of Windows Phone 7.

It's that time of year when Hollywood people in a fantasy world heap praise on each other and while I don't like wasting my time with those shows, my family and I do enjoy attending the movies. I use apps on my devices to find when and where they are playing and to check out movie trailers. In this week's feature I decided to take a look at five apps to help you figure out what movies are playing and where they are playing. Best of all is that ALL of these apps are available for FREE.

  1. Fandango: Really the only website I visit to find movies is Fandango, so it was only natural that this was one app I made sure to try out on my Windows Phone 7 device. Fandango is a full featured application with support for trailers, reviews, finding theaters, and even purchasing tickets right from your WP7 smartphone. You can also sync to your online account for reviews and share movie details with your family and friends.
  2. Flixster: One of my favorite apps from the Android platform that I enjoy using on my WP7 device is Flixster. Flixster is fast and provides detailed information and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. The latest version also has Live tile support that shows weekly box office hit information on your Start screen.
  3. IMDb: When you see an actor and can't figure out what they were in it is always fun to visit the Internet Movie Database to find out all the details. You can now get IMDbon your WP7 device. The application includes support for movie trailers, reviews, showtimes, TV listings, charts, and much more. It is one of those apps that is fun to use when you have a few spare minutes and just want to check out various topics.
  4. Poynt: There are some apps that are much more than just movie apps and my favorite at this time is Poynt. I am focusing on the movie theater support here where you can find movies, view trailers, and buy tickets. However, you can also use Poynt for finding businesses, finding people, checking out gas prices, finding a restaurant, and checking out your local weather.
  5. MSN Movies: One of the first movie apps I tried was MSN Movies and it seems to provide all of the functionality you see in the other application. I liked the app, but found Flixster to really be my preferred app for the look and feel of it.

Do you enjoy going to the movies? What app do you use to plan your trip to the movies.


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