Windows Phone Wednesday; 100,000 apps published to the Marketplace

Microsoft has now passed the 100,000 apps published mark, second in time to reach this only to Apple iOS. It's quite a feat for a platform that still can't get much traction in the smartphone world.

I have been writing Windows Phone Wednesday articles for a long time with a focus on highlighting the WP Marketplace. Rafe Blandford put together a detailed analysis of the Marketplace as the 100,000 apps milestone has been achieved. New content is currently being added at the rate of over 300 apps per day.

According to the data on All About Windows Phone, Microsoft reached this 100k milestone in 20 months. This is faster than Android (24 months) and slower than iOS (16 months). WP reached 50k in 14 months, but it only took another 5 months to double that so the momentum seems to be headed in the right direction.

Rafe goes into great detail explaining that the number of apps published doesn't mean there are that many available to consumers, especially when you break it down by country. The US, UK, and Canada have access to the most number of apps.

Xbox Live games this week

Looking at the currently available selections, I purchased the latest Xbox Live game last night and have earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Battleship hit the Marketplace as the new game of the week and if you are a fan of Battleship I think you will enjoy it. I love playing the salvo mode (there are three modes) and also watching the animations when I shoot and hit ships. It is a multiplayer game with support via pass and play and Xbox Live so you can play friends around the world. You will see the Xbox Live multi-player mode in the game, but must first start by accepting and inviting others through the Xbox Live hub that then links into the game. Battleship is available now for $2.99.

There is also another Xbox Live Deal of the Week and this week we see Assassin's Creed drop to $2.99, it was originally a $6.99 game.