Wireless charging coming to the Nissan Leaf

Next up for the Nissan Leaf: wireless charging.  No more cords and plugs to deal with.

The company has begun demonstrating its wireless charging system, which is expected to be available from 2013. The system will use an electromagnetic induction unit which will charge at between 3 and 6 kWs and will be 80 to 90 percent efficient.

The charging process begins as soon as the user parks over a flat sending unit, and electricity is sent wirelessly to the receiving unit beneath the car. Users will be able to check the charging status on the charging unit's screen.

See how the wireless charging system will work:

Wireless charging is expected to be available on models beginning sometime in 2013, but no retrofitting on previous models will be possible.

Despite rumors of possible drops in the Leaf's retail price in the coming years, a wireless charging option would likely come at an increased cost to users. Keep in mind that the ability to charge wirelessly outside of your garage would also depend on the availability of wireless chargers in public locations.

Readers, what do you think? Would you pay a premium for the ability to charge wirelessly?

Photo: Nissan

via [AutoblogGreen]

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