Wireless heats up

All things wireless have been in the spotlight in recent months as several manufacturers and software makers vie to own a bigger spectrum of the wireless space.

roundup All things wireless have been in the spotlight in recent months--even more so than other emerging technologies. Several manufacturers and software makers including Microsoft, Samsung and Research In Motion, vie to own a bigger share of the wireless space.

Newer developments like WiMax, as well as the more established wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, continue to hog the industry spotlight. Here's a look at some of the latest developments in this market space.

Microsoft pushes into BlackBerry market
New software module in Windows Mobile 5.0 platform pits Microsoft against BlackBerry in the direct push messaging market.
June 7, 2005

New Wi-Fi chips embedded in Samsung laptops
The Korean company is first laptop maker to incorporate MIMO, a new technology that greatly expands the range of Wi-Fi access and speeds up performance.
June 1, 2005

Doubts over WiMax's mobile future
Analysts predict that WiMax will achieve success in the fixed access market within a few years, but are less confident about how its mobile variant will perform.
May 31, 2005

Barrett: One chip to rule the radio waves
Chip manufacturers have to develop processors that can be reconfigured on the fly as consumer devices connect to an increasing number of radio channels.
May 31, 2005

Wireless standards are 'a complete and utter mess'
The proliferation of competing wireless standards risks confusing technology users and preventing such technologies from gaining mass-market acceptance.
May 31, 2005

RIM eyes BlackBerry growth in China, Korea
Mobile solutions provider Research In Motion (RIM), widely known for its BlackBerry devices, is now looking to extend its reach in China and Korea.
May 26, 2005

New Wi-Fi standard takes the slow road
The process to establish the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, which promises to quadruple transmission speeds, has stalled.
May 20, 2005

SingTel 'pushes' new mobile service on Microsoft platform
Microsoft and Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) have jointly launched a new service that pushes real-time information to mobile phones.
May 12, 2005