With new Gmail and Google Maps iOS apps, the iPhone 5 is clearly the best smartphone available

I use smartphones across the spectrum, but with new Google apps I find that the iPhone 5 now does everything I need and I may be able to lighten my pockets.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
With new Gmail and Google Maps iOS apps, the iPhone 5 is clearly the best smartphone available

Now that we have a good Google Maps solution on the iPhone that supports voice-guided navigation, along with a new Gmail client that rivals what you find on Android, the choice to go with an iPhone over an Android device becomes even clearer.

I use all mobile operating systems because I like to test them out and give them a chance to earn a spot in my pocket. While I am an Exchange user in my day job, I also use Gmail extensively and always found the Android experience best for Gmail. Even though I have tried lots of different GPS navigation solutions, I invariably go back to using Google Maps 99% of the time. These are both now excellent applications on the iPhone. In addition, I find that the iPhone beats Android in these areas:

  • Apps and services still come to iOS first in many cases and in some instances we still don't see Android apps (UP, Fuelband).
  • The iPhone's camera is among best of all smartphones, even without all the fancy features and options.
  • Updates come from Apple and seem to skirt carrier control. You can count on your iPhone getting updates for a couple of years, whereas your Android phone may never get updated even a single time.
  • It's a pleasure to visit a physical Apple store rather than a carrier store.
  • The damage warranty for the iPhone is actually worth it, IMHO.
  • The accessory market is vast, giving you broad choices at great prices.

I do like Android for widgets, large displays, NFC, and pushing the limits of technology, but if I had to pick just a single smartphone then the iPhone 5 would be my clear choice.

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