With new R&D center, Pitney Bowes doubles down on India

Pitney Bowes opens a second Indian R&D center, this time to attract the software product development community in Pune.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor on
To hell with the economy.

Pitney Bowes, the postage-minded business technology and services provider, announced this morning that it plans to open a second research and development center in Pune, India, tasked with focusing on the company's digital offerings, with special attention to its Volly digital mailbox.

Pitney said the center aligns with both its expanding operations (lucky them!) and growing market interest; its first R&D center is located in another IT-friendly Indian city, Noida.

Why Pune, specifically? About 12 percent of India's of software product developers live there.

Pitney says India is "strategically important from both a market and an operational perspective," and its Noida facility exceeded expectations after five years of operations. (There are more than 600 employees tinkering away there.)

Pitney's India operations in general focus on location intelligence, data management, customer communication management, and predictive analytics.

“Innovation forms the foundation of our growth strategy," said Sue McKinney, Pitney's global product development VP. "With the current expansion, we hope to further leverage India's talent pool."

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