With Trakdot, keep tabs on checked luggage

Never fear checking a bag again.

Checking a bag before flying means saying goodbye to your luggage for, at the very best, hours at a time and at the worst, days on end. A new device called Trakdot promises to quell at least some of the separation anxiety.

Trakdot is a palm-sized device designed to help travellers keep tabs on their luggage while they traverse through the airport. The luggage tracker can be dropped into a checked bag, where it will then report the bag’s location in real time to any cell phone or SMS-capable device.

Even if luggage doesn’t get lost, an additional Trakdot will alert travelers as to when their suitcases are approaching on the baggage carousel.

Trakdot will be available this March for a retail price of $49.95 along with a $12.99 annual service fee and a $8.99 activation fee.

[via Mashable]

Image: Kenneth Lu/Flickr

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com


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