Woodstock lights up solar menorah

New York community wasn't previously able to light its public menorah, since it is displayed on a village green that isn't wired with electricity.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on


Photo credit: lubavitch.com

Leave it up to Woodstock, N.Y., to be willing to challenge tradition. The town (famous for the infamous 1969 music festival) will light a solar-powered menorah to honor Chanukah. A local rabbi pieced the menorah together using spare parts he got at a local store.

This menorah is merely symbolic, since the lighting ceremony requires fire as the source of light. But the Woodstock menorah is another reminder of the power of renewable energy to become a part of everyday life and traditions. Actually, up until now, the menorah, which is displayed annually in the Woodstock Village Green, didn't get lit at all because the green is not wired for electricity. The menorah will be lit for all eight nights of the Jewish holiday.

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